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Photography is my ballast.

Like marriage vows, photography has taken me through sickness and health. Recently, as I confronted a serious medical condition, taking photographs helped to divert my attention and kept my creativity alive. It became part of the healing process.

I was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma of the central nervous system and then relieved to learn from my doctors that it was treatable. The therapy was administered in the Oncology Unit at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ during six hospital stays—35 days in total. Despite seeing and experiencing the unpleasantness of cancer treatment, I discovered that I could find beauty on the Oncology Floor as I could anywhere else.

I went to work documenting those six visits in my own particular way of observing and have created this visual narrative to celebrate and honor the many professionals who cared for me. It also is a record for myself, and for my family and friends, whom I can never thank enough. Your love, dedication, strength, patience, and humor pulled me through and brought me from darkness into light.

"From Darkness into Light"
"From Darkness into Light"