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I have had a lifelong passion for cars. It all began with my father, who not only enjoyed his cars, but also loved to display them in car clubs with fellow enthusiasts. Some of my earliest memories of these associations are from a drive in a caravan with the Rolls-Royce Club of New Jersey all the way to Dearborn, Michigan. There was so much camaraderie and endless car talk.

On weekends, Dad and I worked on his cars. He handled what was underneath the hood and I was in charge of the interior. I also learned how to scrub the white wall tires—and make them shine, which was a source of pride to us!

Everywhere I have travelled:from Italy to Japan to Cuba, and beyond—I have spotted cars to photograph. Not until Peter Lloyd from Brownie Points Bakery asked me if I have car photographs did I ever think to exhibit these images. It has been a pleasure to delve into this body of work and assemble them together for you to view.

This show made its debut in conjunction with Summit’s Annual Car Show. Several of my images are of cars I have seen in the past at this special annual tradition in our town, which for me always recalls fond memories of the era when I became a car enthusiast.

Sue Zwick

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